Shadowrun Campaign

Shadowrun Premiere
Who are these bozos, anyway?

Through various channels, a handful of shady characters were brought together for a meeting with a Mr. Johnson at an upscale nightclub called Infinity. The mission was simple: recover an old-style optical disk stolen from his employer, data fully intact, and ensure that no copies remain. The runners did some searching on the Matrix and through some contacts and discovered that a local Orxploitation “singer” by the name of Nabo had just made an online purchase of what appeared to be the merchandise in question. Not caring to try to break into the local hotel room or find a way into the concert Nabo was putting on, the group instead opted for a more subtle approach: trace the email trail for the merchandise auction. This led them to a hacker bar and a hacker going by the alias “Zipper.” With a little, er, persuasion (and a very interesting Matrix confrontation), Zipper was more than happy to spill the beans about the man who hired her: Kerwin Loomis. They then tracked down Loomis at his bar in gang territory, chasing him out the back. Almost immediately, a mercenary team closes in, demanding Loomis be turned over to them. Loomis was sent their way forcefully, although without his jacket containing the disk. Fortunately for the runners, they had already made it back to the car before the merc leader realized they had been duped. The team made a beeline back to Infinity and, despite a phone call attempt to wrest the disk from the runners with a more lucrative payout, the disk was delivered safely to Mr. Johnson, who was quite pleased with both the speed and loyalty of the team.

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