Shadowrun Campaign

Smash and Grab, Heavy on the Smash

After the night of chaos and humility doled out to Lone Star by the runners, a few individuals became a little nervous. One runner purchased a new SIN, trashing her old one just to be safe. The team’s fixer, not wanting to be caught in town in the event he was fingered as a conspirator, temporarily skipped town. Just when all were beginning to wonder what was next, a bittersweet call from an ARES contact helped to paint things in black and white. One of the members was indeed caught by security, and was in the process of being tracked down. This, however, helped to serve as a motivation for a job the executive had in mind. A high level financial officer within Lone Star Seattle headquarters needed to be “reassigned” to work for ARES, alive and intact, so some vital information could be retrieved. While researching the financial exec, the team was told of the criminal record building in the Lone Star database so that it could be erased. While working the system, it was requested, if possible, that activity records be retrieved from the headquarters as well. It is an ambitious collection of jobs, and after several days, the team hackers had placed themselves inside as temps. The criminal records were cleared, and the other team members had tracked the executive to be extracted, learning his routines. Next up, data acquisition. The only problem is, now that Matrix breaches are being discovered, can the runners on the inside avoid detection and still acquire the records? If something happens to them, can the remaining runners manage a capture and delivery on their own?



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