Shadowrun Campaign

Like Candy From a Baby

After scouting ARES Headquarters and poking around the corporate Matrix, the technomancer and hacker of the group retrieve the activity records for ARES. Unfortunately, with cybersecurity alerted to their presence, they attempted to retrieve the additional prize of the “off-the-record” activities. Two went in, but only one returned safely. The technomancer was captured and hauled away to a secure area to be interrogated and possibly tortured or killed for his activities. The team never learned of his true fate. With the primary data recovered, and knowing that one of their own had been captured, it was decided that the extraction should happen sooner rather than later to avoid complications. Security cameras and street lights were rigged, and the assistant CFO to ARES Seattle was apprehended. He was quickly rendered unconscious when it was realized that he was attempting to transmit his situation via an implanted cyberdeck, and his unconscious form was turned over to their employers. Payment received, the team quickly set about to cover their tracks by changing identities, taking vacations, and other various activities.

Upon returning to Seattle, a new job was arranged by the team’s fixer. A young woman met with the team and explained the situation as follows: She and her husband work for the advertising wing of a megacorporation. Using a private detective, she has discovered her husband’s new hobby: spending all their hard-earned money on bunraku whores. Now she wants him eliminated. She also does not trust the detective to keep quiet, and news of her husband’s activities would hurt her social standing and possibly her future employment opportunities, so she would like him taken care of as well. In return for their services, she offers the team 5000 nuyen, with a 2000 nuyen bonus if the detective is coerced to remain silent, one way or another.

Meanwhile, a mage is trying to get in with the team, although his “test” has failed miserably. In order to get a slice of the shadowrunner pie, he may need to get creative.


bmdarkbard bmdarkbard

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