Shadowrun Campaign

Company Loyalty

After their successful initial run, a new Johnson contacts the team with a deceptively simple job: distraction. An experienced shadowrunner team has already been assembled to perform a theft from a downtown vault in two days, and he needs an expendable but reliable team to distract Lone Star authorities from crashing the party.

The group set upon the task with great enthusiasm, and decided to shoot the moon. By the time the planning was complete, a significant terrorist action at the local prison and several small bombings were to be set in motion, and Lone Star’s primary rival, Knight Errant, a subsidiary of ARES Corporation, had been contacted and given a heads up on the plan. Seeing an opportunity to make headway into the Seattle market, an executive with ARES Corporation planned to set some of his own deckers to work scrambling and misdirecting Lone Star communications traffic, allowing the runners to incite chaos, and embarrassing Lone Star in the process.

When first light returned to Seattle, the local prison, beset by a pair of remote controlled fuel trucks armed with explosives, was engulfed in a hellish inferno. A number of lives were lost, both guards and prisoners, and quite a few escapes are assumed to have occurred. Shortly after the disaster at the prison, the team, split up and carrying smaller explosive charges, set them at locations around town, primarily in the suburbs at locations where metahumans gather, in an attempt to pin the night’s violence on the Humanis Policlub.

The group was payed, with a bonus, although the group’s fixer contact was skipping town, just to be on the safe side. It is unknown at this point if any of the crimes of the evening have been tied to the runners, and only time will tell if their identities are safe.



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