Shadowrun Campaign

Ambition, Loss, and Murder Most Foul

Suspecting the potential for a powerful ally in the poor mage who failed their test, Haggard decided he would provide him with a second chance, only letting the rest of the party in on this new addition to the run after the fact and assuming all went well. And indeed it did. The team went to elaborate lengths to stage an automobile malfunction, and when the car lost control, the fresh recruit lifted it into the air and tossed the vehicle into the river. Immediately, a summoned water elemental ensured the demise of the target.

Unfortunately, not all was well at home, specifically the home of the street samaurai, where a threat was left for her. The antagonist is still unknown at this time, but has made reference to the music data stolen by the team on their very first run, and has indicated that her revenge is tied to justice for JetBlack, the goblin rocker who, according to official records, died years ago due to a drug overdose. Scared for their lives, several members are contemplating leaving Seattle, although this particular threat needs to be eliminated first because more important things are on the line for some.



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