Shadowrun Campaign

Ambition, Loss, and Murder Most Foul

Suspecting the potential for a powerful ally in the poor mage who failed their test, Haggard decided he would provide him with a second chance, only letting the rest of the party in on this new addition to the run after the fact and assuming all went well. And indeed it did. The team went to elaborate lengths to stage an automobile malfunction, and when the car lost control, the fresh recruit lifted it into the air and tossed the vehicle into the river. Immediately, a summoned water elemental ensured the demise of the target.

Unfortunately, not all was well at home, specifically the home of the street samaurai, where a threat was left for her. The antagonist is still unknown at this time, but has made reference to the music data stolen by the team on their very first run, and has indicated that her revenge is tied to justice for JetBlack, the goblin rocker who, according to official records, died years ago due to a drug overdose. Scared for their lives, several members are contemplating leaving Seattle, although this particular threat needs to be eliminated first because more important things are on the line for some.

Like Candy From a Baby

After scouting ARES Headquarters and poking around the corporate Matrix, the technomancer and hacker of the group retrieve the activity records for ARES. Unfortunately, with cybersecurity alerted to their presence, they attempted to retrieve the additional prize of the “off-the-record” activities. Two went in, but only one returned safely. The technomancer was captured and hauled away to a secure area to be interrogated and possibly tortured or killed for his activities. The team never learned of his true fate. With the primary data recovered, and knowing that one of their own had been captured, it was decided that the extraction should happen sooner rather than later to avoid complications. Security cameras and street lights were rigged, and the assistant CFO to ARES Seattle was apprehended. He was quickly rendered unconscious when it was realized that he was attempting to transmit his situation via an implanted cyberdeck, and his unconscious form was turned over to their employers. Payment received, the team quickly set about to cover their tracks by changing identities, taking vacations, and other various activities.

Upon returning to Seattle, a new job was arranged by the team’s fixer. A young woman met with the team and explained the situation as follows: She and her husband work for the advertising wing of a megacorporation. Using a private detective, she has discovered her husband’s new hobby: spending all their hard-earned money on bunraku whores. Now she wants him eliminated. She also does not trust the detective to keep quiet, and news of her husband’s activities would hurt her social standing and possibly her future employment opportunities, so she would like him taken care of as well. In return for their services, she offers the team 5000 nuyen, with a 2000 nuyen bonus if the detective is coerced to remain silent, one way or another.

Meanwhile, a mage is trying to get in with the team, although his “test” has failed miserably. In order to get a slice of the shadowrunner pie, he may need to get creative.

Smash and Grab, Heavy on the Smash

After the night of chaos and humility doled out to Lone Star by the runners, a few individuals became a little nervous. One runner purchased a new SIN, trashing her old one just to be safe. The team’s fixer, not wanting to be caught in town in the event he was fingered as a conspirator, temporarily skipped town. Just when all were beginning to wonder what was next, a bittersweet call from an ARES contact helped to paint things in black and white. One of the members was indeed caught by security, and was in the process of being tracked down. This, however, helped to serve as a motivation for a job the executive had in mind. A high level financial officer within Lone Star Seattle headquarters needed to be “reassigned” to work for ARES, alive and intact, so some vital information could be retrieved. While researching the financial exec, the team was told of the criminal record building in the Lone Star database so that it could be erased. While working the system, it was requested, if possible, that activity records be retrieved from the headquarters as well. It is an ambitious collection of jobs, and after several days, the team hackers had placed themselves inside as temps. The criminal records were cleared, and the other team members had tracked the executive to be extracted, learning his routines. Next up, data acquisition. The only problem is, now that Matrix breaches are being discovered, can the runners on the inside avoid detection and still acquire the records? If something happens to them, can the remaining runners manage a capture and delivery on their own?

Company Loyalty

After their successful initial run, a new Johnson contacts the team with a deceptively simple job: distraction. An experienced shadowrunner team has already been assembled to perform a theft from a downtown vault in two days, and he needs an expendable but reliable team to distract Lone Star authorities from crashing the party.

The group set upon the task with great enthusiasm, and decided to shoot the moon. By the time the planning was complete, a significant terrorist action at the local prison and several small bombings were to be set in motion, and Lone Star’s primary rival, Knight Errant, a subsidiary of ARES Corporation, had been contacted and given a heads up on the plan. Seeing an opportunity to make headway into the Seattle market, an executive with ARES Corporation planned to set some of his own deckers to work scrambling and misdirecting Lone Star communications traffic, allowing the runners to incite chaos, and embarrassing Lone Star in the process.

When first light returned to Seattle, the local prison, beset by a pair of remote controlled fuel trucks armed with explosives, was engulfed in a hellish inferno. A number of lives were lost, both guards and prisoners, and quite a few escapes are assumed to have occurred. Shortly after the disaster at the prison, the team, split up and carrying smaller explosive charges, set them at locations around town, primarily in the suburbs at locations where metahumans gather, in an attempt to pin the night’s violence on the Humanis Policlub.

The group was payed, with a bonus, although the group’s fixer contact was skipping town, just to be on the safe side. It is unknown at this point if any of the crimes of the evening have been tied to the runners, and only time will tell if their identities are safe.

Shadowrun Premiere
Who are these bozos, anyway?

Through various channels, a handful of shady characters were brought together for a meeting with a Mr. Johnson at an upscale nightclub called Infinity. The mission was simple: recover an old-style optical disk stolen from his employer, data fully intact, and ensure that no copies remain. The runners did some searching on the Matrix and through some contacts and discovered that a local Orxploitation “singer” by the name of Nabo had just made an online purchase of what appeared to be the merchandise in question. Not caring to try to break into the local hotel room or find a way into the concert Nabo was putting on, the group instead opted for a more subtle approach: trace the email trail for the merchandise auction. This led them to a hacker bar and a hacker going by the alias “Zipper.” With a little, er, persuasion (and a very interesting Matrix confrontation), Zipper was more than happy to spill the beans about the man who hired her: Kerwin Loomis. They then tracked down Loomis at his bar in gang territory, chasing him out the back. Almost immediately, a mercenary team closes in, demanding Loomis be turned over to them. Loomis was sent their way forcefully, although without his jacket containing the disk. Fortunately for the runners, they had already made it back to the car before the merc leader realized they had been duped. The team made a beeline back to Infinity and, despite a phone call attempt to wrest the disk from the runners with a more lucrative payout, the disk was delivered safely to Mr. Johnson, who was quite pleased with both the speed and loyalty of the team.

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